About us



The story of My Happy Journal.

My name is Kirsty, and I love books, drawing and all things craft and paper-based.
I'm a full-time Workplace Change and Design consultant, and as a parent, I constantly strive to spend more quality time with my children.
I absolutely adore books, and I've written a journal on and off since I was 6. My husband jokes that if the digital world were to end or Google crashes, we will be okay. In his words, we live in a library of stories, information and memories. I love photo albums, memory scrapbooks and anything else that captures the everyday joys of our family life. For me, books, journals and diaries are priceless. A journal is better than any computer game or app; I do appreciate technology, but, in my opinion, the act of creating a journal embraces our fundamental human desire for storytelling and connection. A journal can be a snapshot of the mind and imagination: the silent guardian of daily joys, creative moments and memories.
I created My Happy Journal with my two lovely children in order to spend additional time together. It's designed to celebrate and savour the daily memories, encourage communication, laughter, connection and to inspire future adventures. It's filled with ideas for fun activities and can be the springboard to further extraordinary family experiences.
If I'm completely honest, it was partly created because I felt I was missing out on so much when at work and was concerned that all the best parts of my children's week were passing me by. Besides the fun and creative sections, My Happy Journal embraces mindfulness by encouraging moments of calm and a positive mindset. By creating the journal, I feel much more connected with my children. I embrace the glitter Ribena berry magical moments, the spontaneous fun and their utter fabulousness. It has also helped us have deeper conversations and practice mindfulness.
The journal encourages sharing in all the little things as well as the bigger weekend activities: all the daily joys and triumphs, the highs and lows of each day. Events are often interpreted very differently by our small people and can take on a completely different perspective to that of an adult view; a child's imagination has no boundaries or restrictions. The question, ‘What were the favourite parts of your day?’ can transport you to the inner workings of their minds and spark the most remarkable conversations.
My Happy Journal celebrates the magical everyday joys, encourages a positive mindset, is a peek into their marvelous imagination and, of course, heaps of fun.
I do hope you enjoy it xxxxxx