My Happy journal

Helping your child celebrate the positive moments while building a growth mindset.

My Happy journal

Helping your child celebrate the positive moments.

Supporting young minds

My Happy journal is a celebration of your child's own unique personality. Each page invites daily exploration, fuels their imagination, inspires creativity, encourages self-empowerment AND inner confidence. At the same time My Happy Journal introduces mindfulness, daily gratitude and positive thoughts gently so it does not feel like homework or another task simply to be completed. It also contains huge amounts of fun! My Happy Journal is so much MORE than just a gratitude and positivity journal, it is a gateway to a positive resistant growth mindset. Oh, and it’s fun! Do not forget that. FUN is vital in life. What are you waiting for? Order your Child a copy today.

Our mission is to help children celebrate everyday joys!

At My Happy Journal we believe that all children have the right to be happy and benefit from positive mental health.

Every time we sell a My Happy Journal 10% of our profits are used to gift more journals to families who may not be able to afford to buy them. Buying a My Happy Journal means you are helping your child and other children to grow up with a healthy mindset full of creativity and positivity.


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Promotes positive & growth mindset

Encourages conversations between adult and child

Captures their magical memories

Explore their daily joys

Empowers their creative mind

Fuels the imagination


My happy journal has been our saving grace during lockdown. It is jam packed with lots to do especially for a little person learning to read/write. It is a wonderful tool to help your child to explore and reflect on their own little adventures and also to plan for new ones. I will cherish this little book and will give it back to my daughter in years to come.

Gillian Robertson

As a counsellor, psychotherapist, mindful compassion coach and mummy I would highly recommend My Happy Journal for so many reasons. It’s help with esteem, confidence, emotional intelligence and all round awesomeness for you kids.

My girls totally love their journal and sit in doing it whilst having breakfast, in the car and when we go out.

I’ve bought them a few similar kind of kids ‘awareness books’ though for me this one tops them all with fun activities and engagement for kids. My girls get out their felt pens, colour in and write and share what they’ve written so I get to know them more too which is great for family bonding and communication.

Fab for your kids though also awesome for birthday and Christmas presents.

Angie Cameron

These journals are amazing for children to be creative and de-stress.
A lovely book which makes great gifts. Will definitely be ordering more for presents throughout this coming year!

Leanne Carey Scott