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Record the everyday joys.

What was your favourite part of the day?

feedback from lovely customers

I bought my nephew Elias a My Happy Journal as a Christmas present in 2017 and amongst all of the new gadgets and gizmos, including a new Nintendo Switch, nothing held his attention and interest as much as the My Happy Journal. It’s simplicity, beauty and ability to connect kids to their imagination is the perfect gift.    I would highly recommend it to any parent, guardian or Uncle who is looking to win some brownie points 😉

Alister Gray - Founder of Mindful Talent

This book is a great way for me to transition from work-mode to kids-mode when I come home in the evening – it provides great ideas and suggestions that help shake off that adult composure and allows you to get elbow deep in real fun with the kids.

Every household should have one!

Nicholas B - Dad to 3

I absolutely LOVE these Happy Journals. They were gifted to my children (aged 3 and 6) for Christmas and they are so excited about filling them in. My 6 year old son is so reluctant to write and we have been really struggling to encourage him to pick up a pen. However, this journal has space for him to write reflectively about experiences he has enjoyed and the plethora of activities, colouring pages and ideas in this journal make it so fun that he doesn’t consider writing in it a chore. My 3 year old daughter loves hers too and is delighted with the questions she can answer and the colouring. She has used stickers and highlighters to make it her own and asks to fill in after a day out.

The books are brilliantly written and really well made. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Suzanne P - Mum of 2

Have fun along the way.

My 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl, all received a "My Happy Journal " at Christmas this year. I also bought a number as Christmas presents as well. My children are really enjoying reading and writing in them - this afternoon they were all in my daughters room colouring and writing together, which was so cute- my 2 boys are really loving it too, so perfect for both sexes. I love the creativity,ideas and the aspect of writing, doing and colouring. I can't wait for the Travel journal to be produced!!

Thank you for a beautiful product!

Nichola P - Mum to 3

It's true! All you need is the inspiration of this thoughtful journal and it fits with the attention span of even a boisterous 6 year old boy! Genius.

Jenny H - Mum to 2

I gave 2 Happy Journals away for Christmas and I was so tempted to keep them! I can’t wait till my little one is just a bit older and we can start a journal together. It gives you a vessel to capture all the little things you will forget and will capture memories you don’t realise you are making. So many times I’ve said the things I remember as a child were not the planned events or holidays or expensive outings but the walks, lazy Sundays and the time we spent together doing silly things. The Happy journal prompts you to record the small things and will become a big part of our journey to look back on. I wish my parents had had something like this.

Every household should have one!

Jennifer D - Mum to 1 and Aunty.

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feedback from super grandparents

I bought the journals for my four grandchildren and think its wonderful. They will be extremely handy on our family holiday next month, Especially as it’s in UK and bound to rain. Highly recommend.  

Alison - Granny to 4 boys

I recently bought 3 copies of the “My Happy Journal” for my grandchildren 4,6 & 8 they love it. Lots of fun filled ideas and things to do, an alternative to video games where grandad can get involved as well.

Albert - Granddad to 3

A treasure map for pirates or a holiday Island for you and your family?